New Tallest Statue On Earth Unveiled

'Statue of Unity' is now the tallest statue on earth (image- Ajit Solanki, AP)

India has unveils the tallest statue in the world. The 182 meter (600 feet) high statue is of Vallabhbhai Patel, one of the key figures of Indian independence movement. The giant monument is placed in Gujarat state, where Patel was born and grew up. The country spent around $430 million on the project.

After inaugurating the statue, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi expressed that the statue will become one of the key tourist attractions of India.

Keeping the name familiar to the ‘Statue of Liberty’ of United States, the newly unveiled structure is titled as the ‘Statue of Unity’. The Indian authority told that Patel’s role in unifying all the sections of Indians during the independence movement is the reason behind such naming. Prime minister Modi commented that thus this statue will be the symbol of India’s integrity and resolve.

During the inauguration, two helicopters showered flower pallets over the statue according to the country’s custom. Indian sculptor Ram V Sutar has designed this giant statue.

However many people in India seems not happy with the project. According to them, this huge amount of money could be spent on some other good causes for the nation.

Local media informing that due to public unrest and small scale violence occurred in past few days, security measures were tightened during the inauguration ceremony. Police has detained some farmers and activists.

The reason behind the unrest is that the government hasn’t paid the price for the lands that were acquired from the local farmers to construct the project.

Half of the project’s expense was contributed by the Gujarat state government and the rest came from central government’s fund and people’s contribution.

The ‘Statue of Unity’ is being seen as one of prime minister Narendra Modi’s dream project, who too belongs to the same Gujarat state.

‘Statue of Unity’ (182 m.) is almost double in height than the current most popular statue on earth ‘Statue of Liberty’ (93 m.). And before the Indian one’s unveiling, the Buddha statue of China called ‘Spring Temple’ (128 m.) was the tallest in the world.

However it has now been known that ‘Statue of Unity’ is not going to remain the highest monument for long, and interestingly it’s going to lose the title to it’s own country. Maharashtra, the neighboring province of Gujarat, has already start to construct a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji, one of the province’s historical heroes. The proposed statue is going to be 190 meter high, means 8 meter taller than of Patel. Upon finishing the construction in around year 2021, it will then become the highest human statue on earth.

Born in 1875, Vallabhbhai Patel is honored in his country as the ‘Iron Man of India’. That’s because Patel managed to keep those provines within Indian confederation who wanted to remain as independent and sovereign states during the country’s independence from Britain in late 40’s. Patel later served as the deputy prime minister and home minister of India after independence.

The Indian government is expecting that the statue will attract about 2.5 million visitors annually. They are hoping that it will give a boost to the local economy of the province.

At the height of 153 meter of the statue, their is an observation floor, from where people can enjoy the views of Narmada river and the surrounding areas of few kilometers.

Some Notable Facts of the ‘Statue of Unity’

  • The total weight of ‘Statue of Unity’ is 67,000 tonnes. It can tolerate any major earthquake and high forces of wind.
  • 12,000 bronze panels were used in the exterior of the statue. Their weight is approximately 1850 tonnes.
  • The statue and other structures surrounding it cover total 20,000 square meter of space. A 12 square kilometer artificial lake is also in the area.
  • 2000 employees and few hundred more workers from China helped India to build the statue. Even some parts of the statue were build in construction facilities in China.