Facebook Bringing New Look To Messenger

Facebook, the popular social media platform has redesigned it’s messaging app Messenger.. The reshaped version can be updated from Google App Store and Play Store through any device.

Facebook announced the redesigning of Messenger app in their last F8 developer conference in May this year. The goal of this change is to simplify the app more and to bring messages at the front and center as before.

Among the key changes of the redesigning includes reducing tab number to three from the previous nine, putting more empty white space on screen, combining games, bots, reminder options under a single hidden button etc.

Though Facebook announced the change in May, but it started the process in October.

However the users have to wait a little bit to enjoy the new updates, as it hasn’t yet been released publicly.

Facebook launched the Messenger app in 2008 to let their users only chat with each other. That time only the desktop users could use the app. Later in 2014 the mobile version of Messenger was released.