Japan Bringing Most Luxurious Train Journey

Double bed private suite

Japan just has introduced the most luxurious train journey ever in history. East Japan Railway (JR East) has added this exclusive train service named Shiki-Shima to the country’s popular railway network.

This luxurious train contains 10 cars and 17 elegant private suites. In each journey, 34 passengers are going to enjoy Shiki-Shima’s hospitality. Obviously it’s going to be quite expensive. For a 3 days 2 nights package, one has to spend starting from $4000 to $10000. But it looks the money is not going to be an issue at all. Because at this high price, applications had been submitted 76 times more than total availability.

For the huge demand and keeping the elegance of the journey in mind, the authority had introduced special application forms instead of usual tickets. And from these applicants, lucky passengers will be chosen for the trips of December 2017 to March 2018.

Renowned Japanese Designer Ken Okuyama was in charge for the design of Shiki-Shima, both outside and interior. Ken got international fame by his magnificent design creations for car brands Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati.

Ken Okuyama gave a smooth look to Shiki-Shima. He added two observation cars with glass walls to let passengers enjoy beautiful scenarios of East Japan’s greenery and coastline.

The suites are divided into three categories. General suite, Deluxe suite and Shiki-Shima suite. Each have single and double sections. The most luxurious ‘Shiki-Shima Double Suite’ contains a double bedroom, an attached living room and a finely built bathroom.

Shiki-Shima’s lounge has a cool piano bar. Along with all other music, you can enjoy Shiki-Shima’s own signature tune, ‘Train Suite.’

Another attraction of this luxurious rail carriage is it’s dining car. Taken care by Michelin-starred chef Katsuhiro Nakamura, with the traditional dishes, the kitchen changes it’s menu each time the train passes through different regions.

One of the platforms of Tokyo’s Uneo Station, from where the Shiki-Shima train will start it’s journeys has been redesigned with Harry Potter theme. It is the first time in East Japan Railway’s history to change a whole platform for a specific train.

The average train speed of always busy Japan are much more comparing to other countries. Bullet trains, the fastest public transports in the world in fact have a speed of 300 kph. But when it is about a luxurious, relaxing train journey, the momentum should be as less as possible . That’s why Shiki-Shima’s speed limit has been fixed upto 110 kph. The workaholic Japan citizens are now eagerly waiting to spend a slow and calm vacation rolling on the rail tracks of Eastern Japan.

Some Glimpse of Shiki-Shima ..   
(Images: STR/AFP Getty Images)

Ready to welcome passengers
The main entrance
First view inside Shiki-Shima
Piano bar at the very beginning
Double bed private suite
Over living room, beneath bedroom
Fresh bathroom in the ‘Shiki-Shima Double Suite’
Entire ‘Shiki-Shima Double Suite’ in a single view
Spacious dining area
Observation room to enjoy outside view
Finishing the journey, see you again ..