Be Careful, Lunch Naps Can Bring Diabetes

In the idle afternoons, lunch nap is luxury for some people, habit for some..  Laziness for some guys, elegance for some. For long years there has been a debate over the pros and cons of noon nap. Giving extra to those who are against, a recent research saying that those sleep over an hour after lunch, increases their risk about 45% of having type-2 category diabetes, which causes obesity and inactiveness.

Yamada Tomahide from the University of Tokyo and his colleagues made the research upon a survey conducted over 300000 Asian and European origin people. The report also showed, if the amount of the nap is of less than 40 minutes, the risk of having diabetes totally disappear. However that also depends on specific person’s food habits and other physical conditions.

Diabetes became a synonym of anxiety for a huge number of people worldwide nowadays. Uncontrolled lifestyle and foot habits, specially intaking high-calorie foods increases the body’s sugar level to a risky height. This is commonly known as diabetes. Failure to control that level or to ensure proper treatment can lead someone to permanent blindness, nerves dysfunction, disability of kidney, even to premature death. So those who have serious weakness for lunch nap, may be now’s the time to think a bit before touching the pillow.