Smartphone Life-Savior Apps Proven Unsmart

In trouble? Or facing depression? Some suggested use specific mobile apps to get help? Then the bad news for you is, experts are saying, the life-Savior Apps that claims they can help people to get rid of personal problems, are not that much smart at work. These types of emergency apps like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana doesn’t deliver expected services when needed.

Researcher Adam S Miner from Stanford University of United States said that when these softwares are asked about issues relating violence, mental disorder etc, in most case they couldn’t reply the relevant answer. Researchers played the ‘I was raped’ statement to Apple’s Siri , Android’s Google Now and Samsung’s S-Voice. Among the nine answers these apps gave, only Cortana could gave the right suggestion. Same failures were seen while replying statements like ‘I want to commit suicide’ or ‘I am depressed’.

That’s why experts are suggesting more improvements are needed to be done to overcome these issues for making these smart apps really smart in reality.